An Episodic Adventure Beneath the Streets of Kalendeta.

Things are waiting in the dark
Things are waiting down below
Things with claws and teeth and hate
That dream of seeing your blood flow

Kalendeta: the City of Dreams, seat of the Sunan Empire and countless others before it. Built atop the ruins of a shattered imperial capital, itself founded atop the ashes of one that came before, time has forgotten the names and shapes of the races who have ruled the world from this place. There is power in the ground, and intelligent creatures are always drawn to power. But things are stirring in the dark places under the city. In the sewers, in the ruined warrens of lost civilizaitons, in the depths sealed away for eons, unspeakable horrors slither and shamble and skulk. Their motivations are alien; their hungers are inhuman. Now the cauldron beneath the city is beginning to boil over. Abominations are spilling out into the streets. Something must be done.

You are a Lamp. By order of the Governor, a special division of the Kalendeta Urban Sanitation Department has been formed to deal with these unearthly infestations. The pay is good. The food is decent. The Widows & Orphans Fund is spectacular. Survive long enough, and you might even find out what’s causing this unholy tide to rise.

Lamps is a roleplaying campaign for D&D 4E with an original setting and serial structure; adventure sessions are designed as self-contained episodes to be completed in 4 hours, which chain together into larger story arcs culminating in struggles against cosmic forces. The campaign is designed for at least 4 (level 1) players who enjoy storytelling and dungeon-crawling in equal measure. Plots will twist, traps will trip, and nightmarish monsters must be slain.

But he who fights with monsters should beware that he does not become one himself…


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